Villa Pina has only recently opened its doors.  It is an utterly ideal place to stay for those who would like to relax in the midst of marvellous natural surroundings, awakening to the twittering of the birds in the woods...

Designed and built with loving care and attention to detail by husband and wife Pina and Sabatino Cinque, Villa Pina has many traditional features.  Such as the old-style wood-burning bread oven, in which Pina and her family make delicious bread according to a centuries-old recipe, a well-kept family secret.  Full of unique flavour, thanks to the natural ingredients and the aroma of the olive wood used to bake it... you will have the opportunity to enjoy this wonderful bread during your visit.

Pina and her family will be pleased to offer you their hospitality to ensure that you enjoy a unique experience in Nocelle, a tiny village blessed with an atmosphere of peace and the values of country life. 

The village can now be reached by car.  You will be met at the parking lot at the edge of the village by a member of the family who will accompany you to Villa Pina and give you a hand with your luggage.


Villa Pina Positano Indirizzo: Via Nocelle, 50/2 - Cell.: + 39 331-3076820 Telefono: +39 089 811 430