Nocelle is a charming village of around 150 people that has been reachable by road for only a few years. This means that it still has the atmosphere of "once upon a time", now so difficult to find in more frequented tourist destinations such as Positano and Amalfi. Here, in this rare and special place, visitors can experience and discover the beauty of the mountainous environment and yet, only 15 minutes away by car, await the attractions of the sea and the world-famous town of Positano.

Nocelle is also the starting point for the spectacular Sentiero degli Dei, the "Path of the Gods", one of the major attractions on the Amalfi Coast. Guided excursions can be organised on request. Suspended between the sky and the sea, the Sentiero degli Dei - and its breathtaking panorama reaching up to the peaks of the Monti Lattari and down to the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean - has become a favourite excursion for our visitors. .


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